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KOREA: More sex videos found on popular portal sites

In the last few days, obscene video clips have appeared online on Yahoo! Korea and Daum

The Korea Herald
Thursday, March 22, 2007

By Annie I. Bang

Police said they are expanding their investigation into obscene internet postings after sexually explicit videos and images appeared on two more popular internet sites this week.

Police were currently investigating the source of a sex video which was posted on the Yahoo! Korea website Sunday.

Daum Communications, the nation's major portal site, left a seven-minute-long video clip containing images of a half-naked woman on its site for six hours from 10:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

"But it wasn't a serious level of pornography. Our monitoring missed it after the video was posted on the "Bizarre" section of our UCC (user-created content) site," a Daum official said. "We've sent the personal information of the user who posted to the police."

Daum also said it will seek measures to increase monitoring to prevent a repeat of the incident, and create a center to respond immediately to complaints by users.

The country's major search engines, Naver and Daum, have been improving their video sites, to compete with video-specialized websites, including Pandora TV.

Naver, operated by NHN Corporation, also failed to detect numerous pictures of naked foreign women that were posted for four hours on Tuesday night.

Two pictures of a user's genitals were reportedly posted online for over a month on Naver as well.

Yahoo! Korea Corporation has also being investigated for Sunday's incident when a user posted a one-minute-long scene of a couple performing a sexual act. The clip was left for five hours and 40 minutes before it was removed from the website.

Yahoo! Korea immediately apologized for its "careless mistake" and decided to suspend its online video system indefinitely.

Anyone who posts and spreads sexual images will violate the Information and Communication Network Law, and will face up to 10 million won ($1,065) in fines or one-year imprisonment.