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Rail Transit Security in an International Context

A presentation by ANASTASIA LOUKAITOU-SIDERIS, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA, at the conference on Security Issues and Impacts: Perspectives on Europe and Eurasia, UCLA, June 1, 2007

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Professor Loukaitou-Sideris' is the Chair of the UCLA Department of Urban Planning. Her research includes documentation and analysis of the social and physical changes that have occurred in the public realm; cultural determinants of design and planning and their implications for public policy; quality-of-life issues for inner city residents; transit security; and urban design and transportation issues. She has served as a consultant to the Transportation Research Board, Federal Highway Administration, Southern California Association of Governments, South Bay Cities Council of Government, Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, the Greek Government, and many municipal governments on issues of urban design, open space development, land use and transportation. Dr. Loukaitou-Sideris is the author of numerous articles, the co-author of the book Urban Design Downtown: Poetics and Politics of Form (1998), the co-editor of the book Jobs and Economic Development in Minority Communities (2006). She is currently working on a book about the social uses of sidewalks to be published by the MIT Press.

Professor Loukaitou-Sideris has recently led a group of UCLA and UC Berkeley researchers on a study of rail transit security in an international context. Her conference presentation is based on the report issued by this study group. The full report can be accessed online here 



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