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European Approaches to Climate Change Policy

A presentation by J.R. DESHAZO, Associate Professor of Public Policy, UCLA, at the conference on Security Issues and Impacts: Comparative Perspectives on Europe and Eurasia, UCLA, June 1, 2007

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J.R. DeShazo is Associate Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the Director of the Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center on Regional Policy, the largest endowed center in the School of Public Affairs as well as the Director of the Canadian Studies Program. He previously served as a Research Associate at the Harvard Institute for International Development. Professor DeShazo is a specialist in environment economics, public finance, and organizational governance. His recent research has focused on climate change policy, valuing the health impacts of environmental policy and efforts at reforming several regulatory polices.  He has had grants from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, the World Bank, the Global Environmental Fund, and several state agencies. He has advised the US Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Ford Foundation, the McArthur Foundation, and various international organizations. His publications appear in a number of journals including Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Environmental and Resource Economics Land Economics, Journal of Development and Environmental Economics, World Development, Columbia Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Land Use and Environmental Law Review, and Marketing Letters. 

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