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Michael Silverman

Environmentalist teaches on gender and the environment in Southeast Asia at UCLA in 2006-07.

Michael Silverman was a Lecturer in Women's Studies at UCLA and in Spring 2007 taught a course on Gender and Sustainability: Local-Global Connections that drew heavily on his research in Thailand and Vietnam.  He also gave a lecture on May 24, 2007 on "Gender Matters: An Analysis of Disaster Relief and Re-development in Tsunami Affected Communities, Thailand."  During this year he was also affiliated with the UCLA Institute of the Environment.  Dr. Silverman received a Ph.D. in Education (USC 2004), specializing in International and Intercultural issues, concentrated on non-formal and informal education in NGO-led conservation projects in Southeast Asia. He discovered during his research that as in other development contexts, gender issues were particularly significant.

Center for Southeast Asian Studies