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About European Studies

The European Studies Major and Minor aim to equip students to appreciate the richness of European cultures, societies, and languages that are fundamental to understanding Europe, as well as other parts of the world.

General information about the European Studies Major and Minor.

The program provides the opportunity to study this region from the vantage points of several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, both historically and contemporary. It aims at breaking down the traditional distinctions between the eastern and western blocs in the light of important internal and global transformations that are happening in Europe today. This includes questions pertaining to cultural, economic, political and social structures, and intellectual life.

Important Announcement

Two of the European Studies upper division courses (Euro Studies 101 and Euro Studies 191) are not being offered during the 2012-2013 academic school year. The IDP chair has approved the following as appropriate substitutions:

European Studies 101

  • History 134C: Economic History of Europe, 20th Century (Spring 2013)

European Studies 191

  • International and Area Studies 191 - Europe (Spring 2013)

NOTE: Once you're enrolled, please email our office with with your name and student ID number so that we may apply this course to your DPR. Remember that these courses must be taken for a letter grade.


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