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Not To Be Missed: Middle Eastern Americans on the Move

Not To Be Missed: Middle Eastern Americans on the Move

UCLA Today notes an exhibition co-sponsored by the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies.

UCLA Today

A groundbreaking exhibition of the literary, cinematic and cultural contributions of this diverse community brings together the Center for Near Eastern Studies, the Charles E. Young Research Library, the College Library and the International Institute.

Los Angeles and Southern California comprise the largest Middle Eastern American community in the nation. This vibrant group cuts across religions, nationalities and ethnicities and has contributed to American culture for more than a century. Yet this community has remained largely invisible.

To shine a light on their achievements, an exhibition, now on view at the Powell Library Rotunda until Dec. 21, highlights books, journals, memoirs, photographs and pop culture items. Learn about UCLA's impact on the emerging field of Middle Eastern American studies. Lectures and film screenings will also be offered.

For more, see UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies.

Center for Near Eastern Studies