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Devising a Theory of Suicide Terror

Devising a Theory of Suicide Terror

Devising a Theory of Suicide Terror with guest speaker, Mia Bloom, Center for Global Security and Democracy, Rutgers University and Department of Political Science, McGill University. Burkle Seminar on Global Affairs, February 27, 2004

Based on ethnographic studies in Israel, Europe and with the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, Mia Bloom compares theories of why suicide bombing has been effective in some conflicts, but rejected or abandoned in others. A major factor at the organizational level is the dynamics of rival groups outbidding each other in daring attacks, in order to gain greater domestic support for their future activities. Motivation of individuals and contextual features of the dispute are also discussed.

Discussant: Nimmi Gowranathan, Political Science, UCLA

The seminar on Global Affairs is held roughly every two weeks and emphasizes interdisciplinary topics and includes scholars from other social sciences as well as pulic policy and law.

Download File: bloom.0227.pdf

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