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INDONESIA: Timeline of Tempo trial

Tracking the Tempo trial

The Jakarta Post
Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Feb. 19 : Tanah Abang textile market is gutted by fire.

March 3 : Tempo runs an article titled 'Is there Tomy in Tenabang?' that suggests Tomy Winata had something to do with the fire.

March 8 : Tomy's supporters swarm the Tempo offices on Jl. Diponegoro, Central Jakarta, protesting the article. Tempo chief editor Bambang Harymurti and a journalist are assaulted.

March 14 : Community leaders, politicians and journalists join the chorus in condemning the attack, saying it is an act of thuggery and an insult to press freedom.

March 17 : Police start a probe into the attack by questioning minions of Tomy. David Tjioe, alias A Miauw, and Hidayat Lukman, alias Teddy Uban, are among those questioned.

March 27 : Bambang and journalist Ahmad Taufik are declared suspects in a libel suit, after Tomy filed a complaint against the March 3 article.

April 16 : Trial on the attack starts, with the journalists' attackers being charged with a minor offense.

June 5 : Tomy sues PT Tempo Inti Media and demands US$14.6 million in compensation for publishing a statement by Tempo co-founder Goenawan Muhamad, who likened him to a thug.

July 10 : David, leader of the Tempo attack, is acquitted while Teddy is sentenced to five months in prison with a 10-month probation.

Sept. 30 : The East Jakarta District Court issues asset preservation orders on Goenawan's house in East Jakarta and the offices of Koran Tempo daily.

Oct. 1 : The trial filed by Tomy against Goenawan starts, with PT Tempo Inti Media and defense lawyers labeling it unlawful.

Oct. 13 : Tempo journalists stand trial for libeling Tomy.

Libel suits against Tempo group

No. District Court Plaintiff Damages Notes

1. Central Jakarta Tomy Winata Rp 120 billion civil case

2. Central Jakarta T. Winata Rp 200 billion civil case

3. Central Jakarta T. Winata N/A criminal case

4. Central Jakarta T. Winata N/A criminal case

5. Central Jakarta Marimutu Sinivasan Tempo wins

6. Central Jakarta Yoga Santoso, Pemuda Panca Marga N/A

7. South Jakarta T. Winata US$2 million & Tempo loses

Rp 1 billion

8. South Jakarta M. Sinivasan US$51 million Tempo loses

9. East Jakarta T. Winata Rp 21 billion civil case

10. Bandung Azni Thalib Ch. N/A

Source: PT Tempo Inti Media

Asia Institute