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Sheherezada in Exile, or Writing Across the Borders: The Case of Dubravka Ugresic

A public lecture by JASMINA LUKIC, Central European University, Budapest, Gender Studies

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Duration: 32:05

Jasmina Lukic holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and her MA in the same field from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies at CEU, Budapest. Professor Lukic is also a lecturer at the Women's Studies Center in Belgrade (Yugoslavia), and the Women's Studies Center in Zagreb (Croatia.) She was also a co-founder of both those centers in 1992 and in 1995, respectively. She was a co-founder and the first editor-in-chief of the journal for feminist theory, Zenske studije (Women's Studies) published by the Belgrade Women's Studies Center. Jasmina Lukic is an associate editor of the European Journal of Women's Studies, published by SAGE, London.

She has been teaching at the Program on Gender and Culture at CEU since 1996, and she also taught at the Southeast European Studies Program at CEU, where she offered the course Balkan Literatures as Alternative Histories of the Region, for three years. Within the Program on Gender and Culture she has taught a variety of courses:  Feminist Literary Criticism (Fall 1996-1997 and Winter 1997-1998); Gender and Genre in Literary Criticism (Winter 1998-1999 and Fall 2000-2001); From Fairy Tales to Trivial Romances: Popular Genres in a Gendered Perspective (Fall 2000-2001) and Metafiction in a Gendered Perspective (Winter 2000-2001). Professor Lukic's scholarly interests are related with Literary Theory and in particular with Feminist Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. She is closely following the contemporary literary production in South Slavic literatures. Currently, she is working on an introduction into Feminist Literary Theory, and on a study of Balkan women writers.


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