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Central European Avant-GardeBal A Zurich by Marcel Janco

Central European Avant-Garde

UCLA Center for European & Russian Studies Teams up with LACMA

By Vera Wheeler

Public Symposium: A LACMA / UCLA-CERS Collaboration

The Regional and the Cosmopolitan: Central European Avant-Gardes
Saturday, March 9, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Leo S. Bing Theater
The UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is co-sponsoring a day-long symposium, entitled "The Regional and the Cosmopolitan: Central European Avant-Gardes." The symposium focuses on the culturally diverse region represented in a major LACMA exhibition, "Central European Avant-Gardes: Exchange and Transformation, 1910-1930," which runs from March 10 - June 2, 2002.

Michael H. Heim, Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature at UCLA, will act as the event's moderator. Speakers will include Ivan Berend, director of the Center for European and Russian Studies, UCLA; Timothy O. Benson and Monika Król, LACMA; Éva Forgács, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena; Ruediger Zill, Einstein Forum, Potsdam; Dieter Bogner, Kiesler Foundation, Vienna; Andrzej Rottermund, Royal Castle, Warsaw; Steven Mansbach, University of Maryland at College Park; Thomas Winner, Brown University; Lev Kreft, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Zelimir Koscevic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.

CERS will host another symposium on May 31, 2002 at the UCLA Faculty Center, in conjunction with the closing of the LACMA exhibition, which then travels to Munich's Haus der Kunst, and Berlin's Martin Gropius Bau.

For further information contact Vera Wheeler, CERS Program Administrator, at (310) 825-4060.


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