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Former Bugandan PM: National Land Policy NeededPhoto by Kevin Matthews

Former Bugandan PM: National Land Policy Needed

Uganda needs a national land policy that ends legalized seizures of territory, former Bugandan Prime Minister (Katikkiro) Daniel Muliika tells a UCLA audience in this podcast.

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Duration: 37:56

Daniel Muliika, the former prime minister, or Katikkiro, of the kingdom of Buganda (2005–07) summarized the history of Uganda's land policies and land "wrangles" for a UCLA audience on Feb. 25, 2008, and urged a change in policy by the central government. A controversial land bill is currently stalled in the Ugandan parliament. Buganda is the largest of several traditional kingdoms within the country; in recent years they have resumed some of their functions.

The lecture was sponsored by the Globalization Research Center–Africa at UCLA.

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