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Carnet de quartier. Change on Zkak Roumane in the early 2000s

Abstract of paper to be presented by Justin McGuinness, American University in Paris, at the conference "Fez, Morocco, Crossroads of Knowledge and Power: Celebrating 1,200 Years of Urban Life"

Since the early 2000s, change in the Médina of Fès has taken new forms. Chinese marchandise has flooded into the souks and the Moroccan state is increasingly active improving infrastructure.  There are more tourists than before - and 'settlers' of various kinds from the global North. Taking as a basis a plan of a particular quarter of the Médina sketched by a French army officer in the early twentieth century, the present paper looks at the same streets and buildings today from an ethnographic standpoint, producing a fine-grained portait of change in old Fès in a time of rampant globalisation.

Center for Near Eastern Studies