East Asia and New Media
into the Curriculum


University and K-12 teachers uniting to bring more of Asia to more students. Click here to go to the UCLA Center for East Asian Studies website.

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Asia in California and NCHS teaching standards 

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Home to a third of the world's people, some of the oldest and most complex civilizations, and several of the largest economies, East Asia has long interested Americans. The UCLA Center for East Asian Studies has joined the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia and in partnership with local school districts is working to prepare teachers to help students learn about East Asia while developing vital analytical and communication skills.

Teachers selected for this training will participate in a series of Saturday and afternoon workshops (totaling 36 hours) held at district sites.  Between workshops, participants will use email and the seminar discussion board to raise questions, share ideas, and post draft assignments.

Focusing on helping teachers address the California history, social studies, and language arts standards for middle and high school, we will offer presentations on the history and culture of the region, as well as discuss how East Asian case studies can be used to explore a variety of issues

Participants will also learn how to use the internet to conduct research and to present information to their students and how to design lessons and units that require students to use the internet to gather information, to collaborate with others to evaluate and synthesize this data, and to share their conclusions. By the end of the program, teachers will have developed class websites and East Asia-focused and web-based units to use with their students.

Among the technology skills we address are: 

  • How to critically evaluate websites 
  • Discussion Boards: how to gather/organize information, and to post text/graphics to facilitate group projects
  • Mailing Services: using email lists for announcements and as an interactive tool; using archives to assess participation and overall progress of individuals 
  • Simple Webpage Construction: how to rapidly convert lesson outlines, reading and discussion questions, charts, and other materials into pages for student access from any internet-connected computer. 

Depending on the skill level of most participants, we may also pursue: 

  • Advanced Web Design: how to design interactive pages using forms and databases 
  • Excel and Powerpoint: create tables and graphs, and mix text, graphics, and sound in presentations/webpages

Freeman Foundation/National Consortium for Teaching about Asia support make it possible to provide participants and their schools with the following: 

  • $500 stipend for each participant for satisfactory seminar participation and completion of requirements

  • $200 in East Asian reference and teaching materials for each participant

  • $300 school library grant (per participant) for acquisition of East Asia-focused materials a participants become eligible to apply for a fully-paid NCTA trip to East Asia

In addition, participants creating the most effective web-enhanced lessons receive awards. The top award will be a one week trip to Asia.

CEAS offers a wide range of educational resources on Asia, click here to see them.