Catalog of Asian Language Programs

Catalog of Asian Language Programs

Gion celebration in Osaka (Japan Information Network photo)

This summer is the perfect time to study an Asian language!

The University of California's Education Abroad Program offers an outstanding array of summer and academic year language study programs. The UCLA Asia Institute and its member centers have sent students to programs in Beijing, Yokohama, Seoul, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Manila, and elsewhere and returnees routinely rave about the quality of the instruction and the richness of the experience.

Perhaps you'd like to pursue language study in a place EAP doesn't yet have programs (there aren't many!). If so, the Asia Institute website is for you. It offers a comprehensive catalog of intensive summer language programs and academic year programs. Some of the languages covered by these programs include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, Tagalog, Khmer, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Hindi. Many programs offer financial support, but you may also be eligible for other fellowships and you should take a look at our catalog of fellowships (details are available for more than 200 awards).

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International Christian University (ICU)

  • Summer Courses in Japanese
    First week of July to the second week of August (for 2002--July 4-August 16)
  • The following courses are offered during the summer and all the courses are basically four-skills-oriented (reading, writing, listening, and speaking):
  • C1-Basic Japanese 1, C2-Basic Japanese 2, C3-Basic Japanese 3, C4-Intermediate Japanese 1, C5-Intermediate Japanese 2, C6-Intermediate Japanese 3, C7-Advanced Japanese, C8-Special Japanese.
  • Credit:  At present the ICU cannot offer academic credit for the summer program.  However, upon request, Summer Courses in Japanese will provide a Letter of Certification describing the amount of work completed and the level of performance attained for those who have successfully completed any of the Summer Courses.
  • Deadline:  April 1
  • Fees:  Application Fee: 10,000 yen, Program fee:  200,000 yen, Dormitory fee:  50,000 or 84,000 yen, Home stay fee:  80,000 yen.
  • For more information: 
    Office of the Summer Courses in Japanese
    Research Center for Japanese Language Education
    International Christian University
    3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi,
    Tokyo 181-8585
    Tel: 81-422-33-3058
    Fax:  81-422-33-3488

UCLA Asia Institute

Published: Friday, May 30, 2003