Reports from Bosnia

Alicia Stevenson and Jonathan Dotan, UCLA seniors abroad in Bosnia, write about their experiences.

Alicia Stevenson Jonathan Dotan

Alicia Stevenson and Jonathan Dotan, UCLA seniors, went to Bosnia in April to conduct research on the possible lessons the postwar government there may have for the reconstruction of Iraq. They have been working as interns with the Office of the High Representative, the international protectorate established over Bosnia-Herzegovina at the end of the war in the former Yugoslavia in 1995. Their trip was funded by the Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations and the UCLA College of Letters and Science Honors Programs.

While in Bosnia, the pair have worked in the Rule of Law Pillar, which is overseeing the reorganization and retraining of the Bosnian judicial system. They are also working on a documentary film on the Bosnian ballet.

Below are articles that they had sent back about some of their experiences in Bosnia for the UCLA International Institute website.


UCLA Students Interview Bosnian Prime Minister on His Plans for Nation-Building

Two UCLA students in Sarajevo to explore similarities in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq discuss the country's future with Prime Minister Adnan Terzic.


Report from Sarajevo: Identifying the Missing

Two UCLA students in Bosnia-Herzegovina visit the morgue in Srebrenica where missing person specialists seek to unravel the truth about the Serb massacres of Muslim Bosnians.


Published: Wednesday, October 01, 2003