Fareed Zakaria to give the 2017-18 Daniel Pearl Lecture

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to deliver 2017-18 Harberger Lecture

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PODCAST AVAILABLE: Preventive Engagement: How America Can Avoid War, Stay Strong, and Keep the Peace

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Upcoming Events

The Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America with the World

CFR Global Governance Fellow Stewart Patrick discusses his new book, "The Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
12:00 PM
UCLA Bunche Hall, Room 4357
"Dalya's Other Country" Film Screening

Dalya, the only Muslim at a Catholic high school in LA, learns to navigate her

Wednesday, February 07, 2018
5:30 PM
UCLA School of Law
"The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam"

Join Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow, Max Boot, in discussion of his new book

Thursday, February 08, 2018
12:00 PM
UCLA Bunche Hall
Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture featuring Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria delivers the 2018 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
4:30 PM
Schoenberg Hall
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