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Articles by Angela Kang

Interview: Suzanne Whang on herself, images of Asian Americans, and her character Sung Hee Park

After tackling demanding courses from Yale and Brown University, Suzanne Whang finds that her most challenging role is non-academic but comedic. Playing a socially awkward Korean immigrant pushes Whang farther than she's ever gone before.
Published on: 2/20/2004
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Kozyndan -- Freelance Illustrators

Kozy and Dan Kitchens of kozyndan produce absurd artwork to reflect what they think is an increasingly out-of-whack world.
Published on: 1/23/2004
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INTERVIEW: A Daisy in the Rough - Interview with Daisy Lin Shapiro

Daisy Lin Shapiro is on a never-ending mission to find that stereotypical YLLOGRL, but along the way finds broken myths and shattered stereotypes.
Published on: 11/21/2003
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INTERVIEW: The Grace Lee Project - Interview with Grace Lee

Korean-American filmmaker, Grace Lee, searches for what really is in a name; from a violin prodigy to a pastor's wife to a social activist, she documents how the simple name of 'Grace Lee' can be so much and bind so many.
Published on: 9/12/2003
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INTERVIEW: 2 Days in the Life of Katie Luong

Perhaps the most prominent young Vietnamese-American actress and famous name-brand model, Katie Luong tells of how honesty is Hollywood's most overrated policy.
Published on: 8/29/2003
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INTERVIEW: Interview with Immij

The ladies of Immij sing soulful music, inspired by and founded on their faith.
Published on: 8/1/2003
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INTERVIEW: Angelina Jolie or Angela Kang? Playwright, Actress and Feminist with an Unsuspected Darker Side - Interview with Angela Kang

Playwright and self-acclaimed feminist Angela Kang welcomes tigers, serial killers, and even death into her dark world.
Published on: 7/18/2003
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Building Giant Robot -- the Creators, Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong

Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, both graduates of UCLA, began Giant Robot in 1994 as a stapled, photocopied digest, with no budget, no staff, and big hopes. Nine years later, Giant Robot is a widely acclaimed magazine that has been accredited by prestigious publications as LA New Times and LA Weekly, to name a few.
Published on: 4/25/2003
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