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Articles by Colleen Trujillo

Does Emigration Strengthen or Weaken Castro?

U. of Michigan sociologist examines the net effects of Cuban exodus on the stability of the island's government.
Published on: 4/26/2005
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UCLA and Mexico's National University Form Joint Advisory Committee

UCLA and UNAM act to implement cooperative agreement signed last November by Chancellor Albert Carnesale and UNAM Rector Juan Ramón de la Fuente.
Published on: 1/10/2003
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UNAM Rector Proposes New Agenda for International Collaboration

“We need to educate our students and ourselves to become better global participants, able to understand other people on their own terms while also deepening an appreciation for our own heritages. Globalization aided by the development of intercultural competence offers such a promise.”
Published on: 6/11/2002
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"Latin American Lore" Explores Mesoamerican Religiosity

Why did the peoples of Mesoamerica believe that a mystic cord transmits energy from the spirit world to the human one?
Published on: 1/10/2002
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