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Articles by Susan Bauckus

1st International Conference on Heritage Languages Begins Feb. 19

The first conference devoted to research on heritage and community language education around the world, Friday through Sunday on campus, will feature papers, poster sessions and workshops. Colleagues from 20 countries will participate, and 300 people will attend.
Published on: 2/17/2010
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Se Habla Angelino

Los Angeles is the home of one of the many dialects of Latin American Spanish, says Claudia Parodi, a UCLA professor of linguistics.
Published on: 2/13/2008
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Unforeign Language

UCLA's National Heritage Language Resource Center held its first annual conference at UC Davis in 2007. Participants laid the groundwork for K-12 and college students to advance skills in the non-English languages they learned at home.
Published on: 9/4/2007
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Beyond 'The Crocodile'

UCLA literary translator Michael Heim and distinguished panelists revisit the life and the diary of Kornei Chukovsky, the Russian man of letters best remembered as a children's author. UCLA's Vyacheslav Ivanov recalls details of his lifelong friendship with Chukovsky.
Published on: 5/8/2007
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