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Articles by Lorena Olvera

First Notehelfer Prize Awarded

The Notehelfer Prize seeks to recognize the best unpublished paper written by a UCLA graduate student in the field of Japan studies. Emi Foulk, second year graduate student in the history department, was awarded the first prize.
Published on: 1/26/2011
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Graduate Fellowship, Scholars Honor Memory of Hans H. Baerwald

As the Center inaugurates the Hans H. Baerwald Graduate Fellowship in Japanese Studies, a veteran journalist and former UCLA Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan relations delivers a keynote on tensions in the alliance between the countries.
Published on: 11/10/2010
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US-Japan Relations Chair Studies Impact of Digital Media

Stefan Tanaka, a professor of history at UC San Diego, joins UCLA this year as the seventh Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations.
Published on: 10/21/2010
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Terasaki Postdoc Investigates Breakdown of Democracy

Hiroyuki Yamamoto joins UCLA this academic year as the third Terasaki Postdoctoral Fellow.
Published on: 9/24/2010
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'Atomic Mom' Filmmaker Reveals Secret Stories of the Bomb

At a symposium on the anti-nuclear weapons movement, director M.T. Silvia screens and discusses a new film about her mother's role at a Nevada testing site and the story of a Hiroshima survivor; and Steve Leeper, chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, urges action by nonproliferation treaty signatories on disarmament.
Published on: 5/21/2010
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New Voters Swung Japanese Election

Political Scientist Takeshi Iida investigates shifts in voter attitudes and participation behind the 2009 election result that brought the Democratic Party of Japan to power for the first time.
Published on: 2/3/2010
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Zen and the Beholder

Shoji Yamada, professor at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, takes a closer look at Japan, Zen and the West.
Published on: 12/16/2009
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Professor Who Knows Both Legal Systems Takes Up Terasaki Chair in US-Japanese Relations

Daniel Foote, Chair in Sociology of Law at the University of Tokyo, is the sixth scholar to hold this one-year appointment at UCLA.
Published on: 9/28/2009
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UC Irvine Alumna Named Terasaki Postdoctoral Fellow

Mayumi Manabe will teach a course in literature, deliver a lecture for the Terasaki Center's colloquium series, and work on turning her dissertation about working-class women in interwar literature into a book.
Published on: 8/26/2009
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Center of the Cosmos

Herman Ooms, a professor of premodern Japanese history at UCLA, explains how the Tenmu dynasty manipulated religious symbols to reinforce concepts of supreme authority.
Published on: 6/1/2009
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