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Articles by Leslie Evans

The Arab World after the Iraq War

Jerry Green, Middle East specialist for RAND, takes up weapons of mass destruction in Syria, Ahmad Chalabi, nation-building in Afghanistan, and the effects on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Published on: 4/17/2003
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U.S. Victory in Iraq Opens Possibility of Palestinian-Israeli Settlement

Martin Indyk, leading Middle East specialist for the Clinton government, in UCLA address sees opportunity for George Bush following defeat of Saddam Hussein.
Published on: 4/10/2003
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The Crisis in Argentina

Atilio Boron blames slavish adherence to IMF policies for Argentina's economic disaster.
Published on: 4/4/2003
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America and the World: What Has Changed Since 9/11?

Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett explores the post-9/11 world in first of Burkle Center public class series.
Published on: 4/3/2003
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Russell N. Campbell, September 5, 1927-March 30, 2003

Russell Campbell, Professor of Applied Linguistics since 1964, was director of the UCLA International Institue's Language Resource Center and Pacific Rim Center. A world authority on immersive language training.
Published on: 4/1/2003
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Los Angeles Times on Warren Christopher's UCLA Class

"Perhaps, the young UCLA student inquired of her eminent professor, he might tell the class just a little more about his life and experiences?"
Published on: 3/19/2003
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Afghan Ambassador Reports on Reconstruction

Ishaq Shahryar cites return of women to schools, massive new construction, and new Afghan army as signs of stabilization. Thanks America for its support.
Published on: 3/13/2003
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Two Panels Debate U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Options

Chancellor Carnesale, other experts, examine the history and future of Korean Peninsula.
Published on: 3/12/2003
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Panel Debates Whether Saddam Has the Weapons

Congressman Howard Berman says inspectors have told him Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Columnist Robert Sheer is skeptical.
Published on: 3/10/2003
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Bush's War Plans Part of Dangerous Bid for Empire, TransAfrica Forum Head Warns

Bill Fletcher Jr. tells UCLA meeting that U.S. goals of regime change may be directed at countries in Africa.
Published on: 3/5/2003
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