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Articles by Angilee Shah

Records of East Timor, 1999

UCLA historian Geoffrey Robinson is leading a mission to save evidence of a young nation's turbulent birth and working through his own memories of violence.
Published on: 9/21/2006
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The Talking Cure

Conference participants market strategies for managing small nations' images around the world. They call it 'country branding.'
Published on: 5/18/2006
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Indonesia, Democracy, and Playboy

M. Din Syamsuddin, president of one of Indonesia's largest Muslim organizations, talks about the future of his country at UCLA.
Published on: 5/12/2006
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Diary Offers Window into French Indochina

A chance encounter with a rare original source took a professor and his students on a captivating journey through Vietnam. In a colloquium at UCLA, Bucknell U's David Del Testa and Los Angeles educators discuss how to share a 19-year-old woman's personal story with K-12 students.
Published on: 4/28/2006
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History and Myth out of Calcutta

Legendary Black Hole is at center of first annual Center for India and South Asia lecture by anthropologist Partha Chatterjee.
Published on: 4/25/2006
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14 Ways of Looking at a Bald Eagle

Veteran New York Times international reporter Stephen Kinzer, author of Overthrow, worries that Americans again harbor good intentions about Iran.
Published on: 4/17/2006
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Construction Begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology

Egyptologists and UCLA's best technology centers commence the heavy lifting of rewriting ancient Egypt's history.
Published on: 4/6/2006
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Nuclear Deal Fueled by India's Energy Needs, Says Diplomat

Consul General B.S. Prakash says Indo-U.S. relations are warming.
Published on: 3/16/2006
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Q&A: Lucy Burns

UCLA Filipino American theater expert says teaching is like performance, and scholarship and activism go hand in hand.
Published on: 3/10/2006
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Headscarves and Discrimination in Europe

Author of 'The Islamic Challenge' says moderate European Muslims face challenges from all sides, should be consulted on security issues.
Published on: 3/1/2006
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