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Articles by Vincent Lim

Historian Notehelfer Honored for Leadership in Japanese Studies

Fred G. Notehelfer directed the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies for 16 years and co-directed an East Asian Studies consortium in Southern California for 20 years. He will continue teaching at UCLA for another year before retiring.
Published on: 6/4/2007
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Young Scholars Discuss Beauty, Ramen Noodles

"Images of a Nation: Approaches to the Aesthetics of Japan," a symposium, brings graduate students from across the nation to UCLA.
Published on: 5/16/2007
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Portrait of a Painter as a Patriot

Columbia Japanologist Donald Keene examines the life of painter Watanabe Kazan.
Published on: 5/8/2007
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Kirino Discusses Novel, Women's Rights

Wrapping up a U.S. book tour, Japanese writer Natsuo Kirino reads from her novel 'Grotesque' and considers women's plight in Japanese society.
Published on: 4/23/2007
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Author Kirino to Speak

Best-selling Japanese mystery writer Natsuo Kirino will discuss her work and read from her latest novel, 'Grotesque.'
Published on: 4/9/2007
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Pickled Kabuki

U of Hawaii's James Brandon remembers kabuki plays from Japan's Fifteen-Year War.
Published on: 4/5/2007
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'To Study It, I Had to Perform'

UNC-Chapel Hill anthropologist Christopher T. Nelson reflects on his research into and participation in the traditional Okinawan dance eisaa.
Published on: 3/28/2007
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Ikebana Flowering

An ikebana exhibit at UCLA plants seeds for the next generation of students interested in the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement.
Published on: 3/20/2007
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The Ghosts of Kabuki

Samuel Leiter of Brooklyn College attempts to spook the audience at a UCLA event on kabuki theater.
Published on: 3/7/2007
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A Spy Called Sorge

Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations Thomas Rimer speaks about the re-telling of the Sorge affair in Japanese film and theater.
Published on: 2/21/2007
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