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The UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies trains scholars and educates members of the broader community about Buddhist religion and culture in all of their diversity. Among U.S. universities, only UCLA aspires to cover all of the major traditions in this world religion.

Robert Buswell elected to U.S. Academy of Arts & Sciences

The distinguished professor of Buddhist Studies is the founding director of the Center for Korean Studies and the Center for Buddhist Studies (which he currently directs).
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Medical tradition in Tibet not necessarily Buddhist

Tibetan Buddhist scholar Janet Gyatso argued that the 79-panel illustration of the Tibetan medical classic, The Four Treatises, provides ample evidence that an important sphere of Tibetan life was not primarily Buddhist.
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The deliberations behind the Dartmouth Award

Read about the deliberations behind the Dartmouth Award conferred on The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, co-edited by Robert E. Buswell Jr. (UCLA) and Daniel S. Lopez Jr. (University of Michigan).
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UCLA artist, historian, sociologist and expert on Buddhism are honored

Three of the four UCLA faculty members elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences are affiliated with the UCLA International Institute: Ivan T. Berend and Michael Mann, with the Center for European and Eurasian Studies; and Gregory Schopen, with the Center for Buddhist Studies.
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“Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism” wins top reference prize

The Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association has been awarded to the reference work co-authored by UCLA Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies Robert E. Buswell, Jr.
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Dharma kings and queens of Tibet

Newly translated letters of a renowned Buddhist lama shed light on the unusual reign of a female monarch in 18th-century eastern Tibet.
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Enlightenment is now 5 pounds heavier

Two distinguished professors of Buddhist Studies — Robert Buswell Jr. (UCLA) and Donald S. Lopez Jr. (University of Michigan) — have produced a massive dictionary of Buddhist terms from all Buddhist lineages.
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World Journal interviews authors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism"

Robert Buswell and Donald S. Lopez, Jr., distinguished professors of Buddhist studies at UCLA and the University of Michigan, respectively, are interviewed about their newly published "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism," a reference work that defines major terms across the spectrum of Buddhist lineages.
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Ten misconceptions about Buddhism

Buddhist scholars Robert E. Buswell, Jr., and Donald S. Lopez, Jr. — authors and and co-editors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism" — put paid to a number of false beliefs about Buddhism in a short article in Tricycle magazine.
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Renaming the Tripitaka Koreana?

Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell calls for renaming the Korean Buddhist canon to distinguish it from the Indian Tripitaka, given that its contents range far beyond that of the Indian canon.
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Large collection of Buddhist relics in Rosemead

A recent Los Angeles Times article describes a collection of Buddhist relics housed at the Lu Mountain Temple in Rosemead, CA.
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Buddhism course has enduring appeal for UCLA undergrads

"Introduction to Buddhism" is a popular UCLA course that regularly fills up whenever it is offered.
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UCLA professor translated volumes of Korean Buddhist text, inspired by past as a monk

Brushing dust off a thick, bound 14th century volume, Professor Robert Buswell stood in his office, surrounded by a chronicled literary history of ancient Buddhist culture.
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Accolades for Collected Works of Korean Buddhism

The Jogye Order’s “The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism” series has appeared on a list of “The Best Buddhist Books of 2012” published by The Buddhadharma magazine. Robert Buswell (Irving and Jean Stone Endowed Chair in Humanities, Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, and Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies) served as chair of the English Editorial Board for the series as well as a translator and editor.
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UCLA scholars bring Korean Buddhist works to English-speaking world

The field of Korean Buddhism, which has a nearly 1,700-year history, has opened up to Western scholars and students with the release of the first comprehensive collection of Korean Buddhist works to be published in any European language. 
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The BDK TV Series "The Buddhist Way of Life"

Three part video series featuring Professor Robert Buswell, director of the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies.
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Tibetan-Born Neuroscientist Combines Meditation and Medicine

Dr. Lobsang Rapgay helped organize a symposium exploring Buddhism and neuroscience, in many ways fulfilling the journey that the UCLA expert in Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, and medicine began half a century ago.
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The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism

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Buddhism and Neuroscience: a Discussion on Attention, Mental Flexibility and Compassion
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was unable to attend this May 2, 2011, symposium as planned, due to ill health. In his stead, Geshe Thupten Jinpa, a principal English translator for His Holiness and Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Cambridge University) and Robert Thurman, Je Tsongkhapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, joined the discussion with four UCLA neuroscientists.
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Expansion of Foreign Firms in China and the Changes to the Legal Profession
Podcast from the US-China Business Law Conference at UCLA held on October 24, 2008.
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The Gifts of the Tibetans: Sparking New Directions in the Arts and Sciences
In the last of three events aimed at establishing a UCLA endowed chair in Tibetan Buddhist studies, Columbia University's Robert Thurman says that Tibetan perspectives are, or at least ought to be, very much at home in the university. Listen to a podcast of his talk.
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