How to Support Buddhist Studies at UCLA

UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies: An Investment in the Future

Building Upon a Rich Tradition of Academic and Community Resources

The programs of the Center for Buddhist Studies benefit from the generosity of donors around the world.  Only a small portion of the Center's operating budget is provided by the state and the university; the rest comes from donations and grants. The goal of the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies is to build on the past accomplishments of UCLA's Buddhist Studies faculty, and to secure a permanent endowment for the Center to ensure that it can carry on its work without being subject to the vagaries of state funds.

Among recent donations, the Center for Buddhist Studies is especially grateful to the Daehaeng Cultural Foundation for its support of the Daehaeng Fellowship in Korean Buddhism Studies, which offers two full fellowships each year to Ph.D. students in Buddhist Studies who specialize on Korea. The foundation is affiliated with the Hanmaum Seonwon in Anyang, South Korea, and has named the fellowship after its spiritual mentor, the eminent Korean Buddhist nun Daehaeng Kŭn-sŭnim.


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