Caleb Carter

Department: Asian Languages & Cultures

Caleb Carter received his MA (2008) and PhD (2014), both in Buddhist Studies, from UCLA, with an earlier BA (2000) in Philosophy from Colorado College. His main focus lies in Japanese religions, particularly a mountain-based school known as Shugendō. His other interests include Esoteric Buddhism, Chinese religions, place studies, pilgrimage, material culture, gender, and intellectual history. Caleb’s current research explores the emergence of ritual, thought, and practice in the mountains of Japan from the fifteenth through mid-nineteenth centuries. Centered on the site of Mount Togakushi (in present-day Nagano Prefecture, central Japan), his current book project examines the formation of Shugendō and several other emergent trends at the mountain. He conducted much of this research at Keio University (Tokyo) and Mount Togakushi under fellowships from the Japan Foundation (2011-2012) and the Fulbright-Hays (2012-2013).

At present, Caleb is teaching courses on Buddhism and Japanese religions and culture for the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. Outside of research and teaching, he is usually hanging out with his kids and occasionally outside rock climbing or attempting to surf.


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