The Next Stage in US-China Relations (US-China Conf.)

The Next Stage in US-China Relations (US-China Conf.)

Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.), retired general of the U.S. Army and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO

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Duration: 38:07

Keynote Address by Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.) from the conference "Two Systems, One World: US-China Relations under the Obama Administration" on January 30, 2009.


Wesley Clark (BS, U.S. Military Academy 1966; MA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, University of Oxford, 1988), is a retired general of the U.S. Army.  Clark ended his thirty-four year career in the army as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (1997-2000). In 2003, General Clark stood as a candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Among General Clark’s awards is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Clark is the author of the best-selling book Waging Modern War: Bosnia, Kosovo and the Future of Combat (Public Affairs, 2001) and Winning Modern War: Iraq, Terrorism and the American Empire (Public Affairs 2003). General Clark  joined UCLA as a senior fellow at the Burkle Center for International Relations in 2006, where he teaches seminars, publishes through the Burkle Center, and hosts an annual conference of government, corporate, and opinion leaders from around the world on national security.