Greening Conference 2009, Panel 2: Growing Renewable Greentech Sectors

Greening Conference 2009, Panel 2: Growing Renewable Greentech Sectors

Panel with David Abel, Paul Gipe, Jim MacDougall, V. John White

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Duration: 58:43

  • Is renewable energy policy headed in the right direction in North America?
  • Are the current renewable policy incentives adequate?
  • Are North American policymakers overpromising through ambitious renewable targets?
  • What should be the role of green technologies in developing renewable energy in North America?
  • What are the major policy and market barriers to expanding renewable through green technologies?
  • How can the US and Canada cooperate to expand the growth and trade in green technologies and renewable energy?



David Abel is Chairman and Managing Director of the VerdeXchange Institute, an environmental think tank. Abel is also president and CEO of ABL Inc., a California-based public policy consulting firm. He chairs civic organizations such as the Los Angeles County Economic Develop Corporation's Green Economy Task Force, New Schools Better Neighborhoods, and the University of Southern California's Masters in Public Policy Advisory Board. He is also on the board of USC's Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise and the Trust for Public Land California, among others. He is a lecturer on regionalism at the University of California, San Diego.

Paul Gipe is the Renewable Energy Analyst for Pembina Institute. He has published books and delivered lectures on wind energy and minimizing its impact on the environment. Gipe founded the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and worked on a provincial campaign for Advanced Renewable Tariff.

Jim MacDougall is Manager of Distributed Generation, Ontario Power Authority.

V. John White is the Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, a non-profit coalition of the nations top public interest environmental groups and businesses focusing on energy efficiency and renewable technologies. White is also a legislative advocate and political consultant, working with the Clean Power Campaign, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense. He previously served on the California Assembly. He helped draft the California Clean Air Act, the Carl Moyer diesel emission reduction incentive program,and the Pavley greenhouse gas emission reduction bill.

"Greening the North American Energy Relationship: Building a Stronger U.S.-Canada Environmental Partnership" a conference supported by UCLA and the Government of Canada opens a window on where we are now on the policy front and how energy companies, from petroleum producers to nuclear power producers, are working on solutions for the future. The conference will attract business, investors, government officials, non-governmental organizations and the media.