Papers Please

Papers Please
Kal Raustiala, director of the Burkle Center for International Relations.

Kal Raustiala is cited in a Foreign Policy article about the United States' refusal to grant a visa to the new Iranian ambassador to the United Nations.

From an article that discusses the 1947 United Nations Healquarters Agreement, which obligates the United States to grant visas to UN diplomats working in the institution's New York headquarters:

In approving the agreement, Congress added a provision stating that nothing in the text would limit the United States' ability to preserve its national security. That addendum has never been formally accepted by the United Nations, and the United States has rarely invoked the clause. "Up until now, the U.S. has hesitated to use it. Even with regard to the PLO in earlier years, the U.S. government and courts have resisted clamping down on their ability to come to New York City," Kal Raustiala, a law professor at UCLA. "So this is a big deal and a definite stretch of the intent of the Headquarters Agreement."

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