US-Australian Dialogue - The Coming Water Crisis: Solutions & Strategies

US-Australian Dialogue - The Coming Water Crisis: Solutions & Strategies

This conference focuses on what California can learn from Australia regarding conservation and the efficient use of scarce water resources. Space is limited for this exclusive event so please register today!

Monday, January 13, 2014
9:30 AM - 5:15 PM
9:30 AM Registration, 10:00 AM Conference
Grand Horizon Room, Covel Commons, UCLA Campus
330 De Neve Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90095



Part I Welcome Remarks | Australia and the US - Partners for Water Solutions

Part II Global Water Management by 2050: Regional and National Solutions

Part III How will Sydney and Los Angeles Manage Water in 2050?

Part IV Keynote: Australia's Major Water Reforms

Part V Stormwater Capture for Water Supply by 2050

Part VI Integrating Recycled Water

Part VII Final Thoughts





  • Kim Beazley, Australian Ambassador to the United States
  • Rich Nagel, General Manager, West Basin Municipal Water District
  • J.R. DeShazo, Director, Luskin Center for Innovation, UCLA
  • Robert Hill, former Australian Defence Minister and former Australian Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Alf Brandt, Legislative Director, Assemblyman Anthony Rendon
  • Felicia Marcus, Chair, California State Water Resources Control Board
  • More



Sponsor(s): , Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, UCLA International Institute, UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, UCLA Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment