Helen Hok-Sze Leung

Killam Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Asian Studies
University of British Columbia

"A Time To Dance: Stanley Kwan¹s Queer Fable of 1997 Past"

This article will explore a particular post-1997 affectivity through the queer lens of Stanley Kwan's 2000 film Island Tales. In this fable of the 1997 predicament, Kwan has developed a cinematic perspective which deviates from the conventional heterosexually gendered ways of organizing the gaze and the spectacle. Together with Kwan's previous film Hold You Tight, Island Tales represents an effort to understand Hong Kong through a distinctly queer aesthetic. Do these films signify a queer turn in Hong Kong culture after 1997? The article will conclude with a discussion of the significance of Kwan¹s works for tongzhi politics and the emergence of a culture of sexual dissidence in contemporary Hong Kong.


UCLA Asia Institute
UCLA International