Steven L.Spiegel

Professor, Political Science

Steven L. Spiegel serves as Director of the Center for Middle East Development at UCLA. Through the innovative and informal negotiation techniques he has developed, Dr. Spiegel helps produce cutting edge ideas for promoting Middle East regional security and cooperation.




Mani A. Jad

Deputy Director

Salomé Mohajer

Project Manager

Sophie Isakowitz

Research and Program Manager

Shani Shahmoon

Center Associate


Steve Zipperstein

Lecturer, International Institute and Senior Fellow, Center for Middle East Development

Ben Radd

Research Fellow

Eric Bordenkircher

Research Fellow

Joshua Saidoff

Research Fellow

Interns/Research Assistants

Warren Fahmy

Research Assistant

Owen Hart


Megan Jones

Research Assistant


Jas Kirt

Former Intern

Kathy Fernandez

Former Intern

Shaheen Moore

Former Intern

Taylor Thomas

Former Intern

Amanda Cohn

Former Intern

About CMED

Through conferences, task forces, publications and other programming, CMED explores key subjects for the region, including: Arab-Israeli issues, Gulf security, regional business and economics, technological cooperation, regional strategic cooperation, and democratic culture and media.

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