Kemo Sabe

Kemo Sabe

Screening of short film as part of the Arab Film Festival

Friday, November 02, 2007
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Writer's Guild Theater
135 South Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

Kemo Sabe tells the story of Yussef, a six year old Arab-American boy who dreams of being a cowboy. In the rules of his American playground, Yussef has had the role of Indian laid out for him as soon as he steps on the field. Daring to change the plot, however, Yussef sets out to get the props he needs to take on cowboy status: blue jeans and belt. But when, against all odds, he gets his new outfit, he has to face another challenge: is being a cowboy everything Yussef hoped it would be? Rana Kazkaz�s witty film stages a metaphorical gunfight at the corral of the neighborhood playground, as a new generation of Arab-American meets the racially loaded mythology and genre of the West.

Director: Rana Kazkaz

USA, 2006, 12 minutes


This screening is part of the Arab Film Festival. For details on the festival, please visit


This short film is being shown together with the feature film Falafel and the ticket price includes both films and a reception beginning at 6:00 pm.

Cost : $20.00

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