Film screening as part of the Arab Film Festival

Friday, November 02, 2007
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Writer's Guild Theater
135 South Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

Reminiscent of a Lebanese After Hours, Michel Kammoun's first feature film successfully depicts the story of Tou (Elie Mitri), a hip and charming Beirut university student whose attempts to enjoy a night out on the town are repeatedly sabotaged by residuals of a war that ended 16 years earlier. On a warm summer night just made for fun, Tou's only objectives are to torment his beloved younger brother, eat the most delicious falafel, and meet up at a party with Yasmin, the object of his affections. Seemingly on track, the night goes awry when he is humiliated by a driver intent on picking a fight. Angered by the incident, Tou leaves his comedic group of friends to search for this aggressor. As Tou travels through the nocturnal streets of Beirut, the city's underlying aura of uncertainty and potential violence is revealed. On first impression, Falafel is a stylish young party movie filled with comedy and sexual chemistry, yet just below the surface it possesses a subtle analysis of the ways in which the Lebanese war still lingers in the lives of those barely old enough to remember it.

Director: Michel Kammoun

Lebanon/France, 2006, 83 minutes


This screening is part of the Arab Film Festival. For details on the festival, please visit www.aff.org


This short film is being shown together with the short film Kemo Sabe and the ticket price includes both films and a reception beginning at 6:00 pm.

Cost : $20.00

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