Rationality and Opinions About Democracy in Iran (Persian Lecture)

Lecture by Mohsen Kadivar, University of Virginia and Hossein Ziai, UCLA

Sunday, June 07, 2009
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Bunche Hall 10383
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Center for Near Eastern Studies of UCLA
Presents two public Panel Discussions in Persian and English

Rationality and Opinions About Democracy in Iran

Democratic thoughts of Iranian Constitutionalist Ulama: Akhound Khorasani, Mahalati, and Na'ini
Andisheh-ha-ye democratic ulama-ye mashrouteh-khah Irani:
Akhund Khorasani, Mahalatti va Na'ini

A Lecture by Professor Mohsen Kadivar, University of Virginia

The Rational Side of Early Philosophy in Iran: Farabi through Sohravardi
Kheradgarayi dar falsafeh qadim Iran: az Farabi ta Sohravardi

A Lecture by Professor Hossein Ziai, UCLA
Mohsen Kadivar is the associate professor at the Iranian Institute of Philosophy in Tehran and the visiting professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He was born in Iran in 1959. He obtained the certificate of Ijtihad (independent reasoning) from grand Ayatollah H.A. Montazeri at Qom Seminary in 1997 and his Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy and Theology from Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran in 1999. Kadivar has penned 13 books (in Persian and Arabic) and over 50 articles in Islamic Studies (Philosophy, theology, jurisprudence and political thought). Among his best known books are Theories of Government in Shi'i Fiqh; Government by Guardianship (hokumat-e vela'i) and Haqq al-Nass (Islam and Human Rights). Among his articles in English are The Innovative Political Ideas of M. K. KhurÇsÇn¥ (2005), Freedom of religion and Thought in Islam (2006) and Intellectual Islam and Human Rights (2009). He was sentenced to spend 18 month in Evin Prison in Tehran by illegal special court for clerics because of his political criticism against the governments, and was released in July 2000.

Hossein Ziai, Tenured Full Professor of Islamic and Iranian Studies, and Director of Iranian Studies at UCLA, where he has taught since 1988. He received his B.S. in 1967 in Mathematics & Physics from Yale University, and his Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy from Harvard University in 1976. Prior to his position at UCLA, Ziai has taught at Tehran University, Sharif University, Harvard University, Brown University, and Oberlin College. Dr. Ziai has published several volumes and numerous articles on Islamic philosophy, especially the Iranian/Islamic Illuminationist tradition. His books include: (1) Philosophy of Mathematics (in Persian); (2) Anvariyya (The Realm of Lights); (3) Knowledge and Illumination; (4) Shahrazuri's Commentary on Hikmat al-Ishraq; (5) The Book of Radiance; (6) The Philosophy of Illumination; (7) The Ball and Polo Stick, or the Book of Ecstasy; (8) Ibn Kammuna's Text on Illuminationist Physics; (9) Sadr al-Mota'allehin's Ta'liqat on Hikmat al-Ishraq; (10) Komijani's Nur al-Fo'ad: A 19th c Persian Text in Ishraqi Philosophy. He has also contributed many chapters to edited volumes including: "Beyond Philosophy" in Myth and Philosophy, edited by Frank Reynolds and David Tracy. "The Source and Nature of Authority" in The Political Aspects of Islamic Philosophy, edited by Charles Butterworth; and three chapters in The Routledge History of Islamic Philosophy, edited by S. H. Nasr and Oliver Leaman. He is also the author of numerous articles on Islamic philosophy and on Iranian/Islamic intellectual traditions. Ziai has offered many papers at national and international conferences.

This is part of the Bilingual Lecture Series on Iran

Cost : Free and Open to the Public

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