The Particularities of Our Culture [Ekhtesasat-e Farhangie ma]

The Particularities of Our Culture [Ekhtesasat-e Farhangie ma]

A lecture by Morteza Mardiha, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Sunday, November 04, 2012
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
161 Dodd
CA 90095-1310

*Lecture in Persian

Mortaza Mardiha is a Professor of political philosophy, novelist, and influential public intellectual in Iran. He has an MA degree in philosophy of natural science and a PhD in philosophy of social sciences from the Université de Nante, France. In the past, he collaborated with some of Iranian reformist newspapers such as Jame’eh, as a columnist and as the director of philosophy page. Mardiha was a lecturer at the University of Tehran and a Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Political Science in Allameh Tabatabee University. In April 2012, he was expelled and suspended from his teaching positions because of his views and teachings. At present, as an independent researcher and writer, his research concentrates on political thoughts and Iranian culture.

His extensive publications include a novel entitled In the Flames of Water; translation of several books into Persian from English and French such as John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism and Alain Touraine's Critique of Modernity; and several books including two on contemporary Iranian political thought and culture: The Critical Foundations of Political Thought (Nashr-e Ney, 2006) and In Defense of Politics (Nashr-e Ney Press, 2007). In his most recent book, The Domination of Sex (Nashr-e Ney, 2009), he and Mahboubeh Paknia (his wife), examine the effects of political thought on feminism.

Part of the Bilingual Lecture Series

Cost : Free and Open to the Public

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