Designated as a National Resource Center of Excellence, the Center for Near Eastern Studies supports the enrichment of the UCLA Library’s sizeable material collection which is available to students and scholars, researchers and professionals, precollegiate teachers and the public. The Library’s Middle East and Islamic studies research collection is the largest in the western United States, with over 500,000 volumes including publications from the Middle East and from diaspora communities in the West. Middle East Bibliographer David Hirsch maintains a web portal and numerous specialized databases to assist researchers. The Department of Special Collections houses over 10,000 manuscripts in Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Ottoman Turkish and Persian. Other specialized collections are housed in the Art, Biomedical, Music and Law Libraries.

Ancient Near East and Egypt Research Guide

This guide serves as a portal for resources relating to the ancient Near East and Egypt. Intended as a "one-stop shopping" site, this guide contains links to hundreds of e-resources, including reference sources like online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bibliographies; databases and indexes; e-book and journal collections; and online archives, image repositories, and maps.

Middle Eastern Studies Research Guide

This guide serves as a portal for resources for Middle Eastern, Armenian and Central Asian Studies. It contains links to a wide variety of e-resources, including reference sources like online encyclopedias and bibliographies; databases and indexes; e-book and journal collections; and news, cultural, and governmental sites.

Instruction Media Library

Some one thousand Middle East-related moving image titles are available from UCLA’s Instructional Media Library and Film and Television Archive, including features, documentaries and newsreels from the region, Middle East-themed Hollywood films (from The Sheikh of 1921 to the Three Kings of 1999), and works on the Middle Eastern diaspora such as the CNES-produced documentary Arabs in America. These resources are widely used in film studies, language instruction and throughout the undergraduate curriculum, and for individual viewing.

Center for Primary Research and Training

The UCLA Library created the Center for Primary Research and Training to integrate special collections materials more fully into the teaching and research mission of the university. The center provides a substantive educational experience for graduate students by training them in archival methods, while simultaneously making accessible lesser-known collections through the creation of finding aids, or guides.

The Minasian Collection of Persian and Arabic Manuscripts

The Minasian Collection of Persian and Arabic manuscripts consists of works related to the studies of theologians and scholars in centers of learning in Iran from the 16th through the 19th centuries. The manuscripts, which include both bound collections and single works, chiefly date from the 14th to the 17th centuries, and shed light on the social, religious, and political history of Iran and Shī'īsm.

Listen to Learn

The Center is developing path-breaking online resources for the study of Middle Eastern languages. "Listen to Learn" is an interactive multimedia language resource for Arabic (Lebanese, Iraqi, Moroccan, Egyptian, Modern Standard Arabic), Persian, and Turkish.

Language Tutors

Language tutors promote listening comprehension skills and proficiency in Azeri, Turkish, and Iraqi Arabic. While the tutors are aimed at university students and educators, the culturally nuanced lessons are useful to learners from various fields and backgrounds.

UCLA Language Materials Project

UCLA’s online Language Materials Project maintains a comprehensive database of Middle Eastern language teaching resources.

Outreach World

Outreach World is an online community of educators dedicated to showcasing the achievements of its members and strengthening vital links across the education spectrum, and between the United States and the world.

Middle Eastern American Resources Online

CNES’s outreach program maintains a collection of several hundred textbooks, primary sources, maps, artifacts and multimedia resources for the use of K-12 teachers. In collaboration with the CUNY Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center, CNES developed MEARO, Middle Eastern American Resources Online. CNES continues to research and collect Middle Eastern Americana, soon to be accessible online under the rubric of American Orientalism.

Education Abroad Program

Undergraduate students can spend all or part of their junior year in the Middle East via the University of California Education Abroad Program. Middle East destinations include Egypt, Israel and Turkey. Students in the recently approved undergraduate Global Studies major will soon be able to study at the International Institute satellite in Beirut, Lebanon.