Exercises for I live in


1. Listen to John and Tommy again without looking at the transcripts, and complete the following sentences.

  1. John: Saya tinggal di _____________dengan ibu, _______dan adik ______.
  2. Tommy: Saya _________________ ___________ ____________________.

2. Respond to the following questions in Bahasa Indonesia

A: Anda tinggal di mana?

B: Saya tinggal di ______________________ .

A: Kamu tinggal dengan siapa?

B: Aku _________________ dengan ________________.


siapa = who
teman = friend

3. The Indonesian name for the United States is Amerika Serikat. How do you say "I live in the United States"?

Saya ____________________ di ______________________ .

Published: Thursday, July 29, 2010