Links to UCLA Resources

A number of sites and offices at UCLA provide invaluable information about aspects of UCLA distance learning efforts, as well as other crucial information.

Humanities Homepage

This is a very important resource.  From it instructors can not only submit the syllabus, but there are also links to the Center for Digital Humanities, the E-Campus, and a host of other relevant sources of information.


.. is the actual home for all ULCA Humanities courses' Websites

Center for Digital Humanities 

The 'Teaching and Research' page at CDH has especially valuable information about E-Campus and the Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) program 

Office of Instructional Development - Videoconferencing Services

OID is responsible for actual videoconferencing setups; their site includes a wealth of references to teaching and IT-related offices on campus. There is a new page for Videoconferencing Services (under Audio-Visual Services) that includes a link to a streaming video presentation (RealPlayer) about DL of Scandinavian languages (UCLA, UCB, UCSD) in 2002-03.