Links outside UCLA

Here are a few select websites from around the country and world that you may find especially helpful regarding Distance Learning.

University of Hawaii at Manoa, National Foreign Language Resource Center

Several excellent pages, e.g. look under...

  • 'Projects' -> 'Distance Education Projects'   for very useful pages giving concrete strategies for teaching specific language skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing) in a DL/videoconferencing mode;
  • 'Projects' -> 'Multimedia Language Learning Software'   for a searchable database of language software, and a checklist for evaluating language learning software;
  • 'Publications' for a search engine of materials for and about LCTLs, with a shopping cart to purchase online
  • 'Resources'  to search for DL resources throughout the country as well as workshops sponsored by the Center

Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS)’s Distance Learning Presenter's Guide

  • Has information on textbook acquisition, copyright infringement, and testing strategies
  • Offers handy information on developing visuals and looking good in the classroom
  • Many schools participate in the Georgia Statewide DL system and post their own pages on the system and distance learning. Georgia State University has the best and most useful resources for users outside the system. Besides the Presenter's Guide (a guide for instructors), GSU has a Technology Integration  set of pages.  Note that some useful links here are out of date, e.g. under 'Reviewed Literature and Links,' an Institute for Higher Education Policy paper reviewing reseach on distance learning effectiveness can now be found here (pdf format).

University of South Florida Teacher’s Guide to Distance Learning

Though K-12 teachers are the Guide's main target audience, it still provides perspective and useful information for others:

  • surveys the technologies for DL across four categories: print, audio, computer, and video
  • gives guidelines for their implementation in the DL classroom  
  • includes a reference section and a glossary

Scottish Higher Education Funding Council’s Communication and Information Technology

  • Dedicated to videoconferencing; see first 'Unit Three: Pedagogy"  for excellent strategies and methodologies for instructors, tips for students, advice on the physical arrangement of the classroom, and comments on effective strategies to establish a VC curriculum;
  • Extensive bibliography (with URLs of Websites, but not clickable)
  • See also CIT's other 'modules' on computer-based teaching & assessment

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Center for Distance Education

Beyond information specifically for students taking UTA DL classes, there are good links for any instructor or user, e.g....

  • see "Faculty" for a schematic outlining the process of developing a DL course;
  • see "Student Resources" for ideas on remote site exam proctoring

Michigan State University’s Innovation in Language Instruction

  • Offers an excellent bibliography (but not searchable) for further pursuit of scholarly articles on DL

    Covers DL in general, DL of languages, computer assisted language learning, best practices for LCTLs, best practices for MCTLs, and assessment and evaluation

Pennsylvania State University’s American Center for the Study of Distance Education

Includes TOC listings from Center publications, including its monograph series and The American Journal of Distance Education; links to online distance education resources and leading organizations worldwide

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

An electronic journal of articles relevant to the DL classroom

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