Timeline Checklist

Timeline Checklist for the Distance Learning Classroom

Several Months Before Class Begins

  • Think about ordering textbooks for students on both campuses.  In particular, if you order from foreign publishers, it often takes a great deal of time to obtain materials from them, and the sooner you begin the process, the better.
  • Begin thinking through all the materials you normally provide as handouts – worksheets, outlines, readings, supplementary explanations and the like. You will want to make as much of this as possible available from your course Website, requiring that they be computer files. Talk with your ITC to learn the best options and how to arrange any file creation or conversion – it can be simple, but you need to tend to it ahead of time.
  • Your remote students have different needs than the local ones.  When preparing your syllabus, include your departmental fax number and the name and e-mail of departmental Student Affairs Officers at both campuses.  Although your local students will not need the information, students at the remote site will need to know how and to whom they should communicate at their home campus (e.g., faxing materials).
  • Remember the UC policy on copyrights.  In general, we ask that you contact the party that holds the copyright of materials you wish to use.  Explain that this is for educational purposes.  In some cases, you may be able to claim "fair use" and use the materials without expressed written consent.  For more information on “fair use,” see references below under "Links outside UCLA," including this article published by EDUCAUSE (new browser window).
  • If you should encounter unexpected difficulties or require assistance, contact Mel Strom, LCTL Distance Learning Coordinator, at melstrom@humnet.ucla.edu.

Several Weeks Before Class Begins

  • If you will require special equipment or software, remember to reserve it with your campus's audiovisual services.
  • Make copies of your syllabus, course outline, etc., and send them to the remote campus so that they can be copied and distributed to students on the first day of class.
  • Continue working on getting your materials (handouts and activities) "Website ready."
  • Send your course syllabus to the CDH.
  • Take the videoconferencing workshop to familiarize yourself with the technology.

The First Day(s) of Class

  • Collect students' e-mail addresses as soon as possible, since e-mail is the most efficient means of disseminating information.  Create a class distribution list so students can communicate among themselves.  At UCLA, logging into my.ucla.edu will give you access to your class list and, provided the students furnished valid e-mail accounts, you can e-mail them individually or collectively.
  • Do not forget to ask if everyone received a copy of the syllabus and any other materials.
  • Begin the class with introductions and an ice-breaking interaction activity.
  • Audiovisual Services will have students fill out a release form before they are televised.