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Local and Global Health Equity

At the UCLA Global Conversation of Nov. 15, Dr. Kelsey Martin drew attention to inequities in health care in Los Angeles and across the world, while highlighting the many international opportunities pursued by UCLA med students.

Bruins Around the World 2016

A look at the wonderful Bruins Around the World evening in 2016, with glimpses of international food, performances and student interviews. Courtesy of the Office of Residential Life.

The challenge & adventure of study abroad

A Prague native from Manchester, England describes his study abroad experience as an international student at UCLA and an all-boys' school in Australia (2016). Courtesy of the Office of Residential Life.

Studying in Ghana

A UCLA Bruin describes her study abroad experience in Accra, Ghana (2016). Courtesy of the Office of Residential Life.

Interview with UCLA Professor Polly Nooter Roberts

Roberts recounts how a trip through Tanzania and Kenya awoke her passion for studying arts around the world. See the home page of "An Imaginative Offer" here. Courtesy of of the UCLA School of Art & Architecture.

UCLA Students in Paris

Video made by UCLA students on a Summer Travel Study Program in Paris (2016). Courtesy of the UCLA Study Abroad/ International Education Office.

Studying in South Africa

A UCLA senior speaks about studying in a UCEAP program in South Africa (2016). Courtesy of the Office of Residential Life.

UCLA IEO Travel Study

Interviews with UCLA professors and students about the value of studying abroad (2016). Courtesy of the UCLA Study Abroad/ International Education Office.

UC Students in Bologna

Conversations with UC students attending the UC Education Abroad Program in Bologna, Italy (2016). Courtesy of UCEAP.

UCLA Global Conversation 2016

Pulitzer-prize winning author Jared Diamond speaks on study abroad and international education at IEW 2016.

Interview with the Chancellor

Chancellor Gene Block on the importance of going global

Chancellor Block speaks about the vital importance of global education in this interview with Associate...

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Photo & Short Film Contest

Vote for the best study abroad photos and short films of 2017

Students who traveled and/or interned abroad in the past academic year, together with international students...

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Water in the middle east and africa: A nexus of cooperation and conflict