History Lecturer Dr. Altice (UCLA '04) with Jinling students.


UCLA Global Classroom lecturers are approved by UCLA's Academic Departments. Lecturers teach either one semester or the full academic year at their respective program sites.

Dr. Justin Zackey, Lecturer in Geography (2010 to Present)

Ph.D. Geography, UCLA
M.S. Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. Biology & Geography, Bucknell University

Dr. Zackey’s research focuses on environmental conservation and development in southwestern China (Northwest Yunnan Province). He has visited and lived in China since 1994.

Dr. Zackey was NCAA All-American, a Henry Luce Scholar and a Postdoctoral Scholar at the UC Berkeley Center for Chinese Studies. He has taught for the UCLA Department of Geography since 2006.

Dr. Eric Altice, Lecturer in History (2011 to Present)

Ph.D. History, UCLA
M.A. History, San Francisco State University
B.A. International Relations, San Francisco State University

Dr. Alice researches United States history with a particular focus on race and religion. His dissertation focused on the influence of American writers and travelers abroad on American’s perceptions of foreign cultures in the early 19th Century.

He has taught at UCLA Extension and California State University, Long Beach since getting his doctorate from UCLA. Before earning his doctorate, Dr. Altice had a variety of experiences teaching in high schools including in Japan, China and Harvard-Westlake School in California.

CAO Yang, Lecturer in Economics (2016 to Present)

Ph.D. Economics, UCLA
M.A. Economics, UCLA
B.A. Economics and Mathematics, Peking University

Dr. Cao is an Assistant Professor at Beijing University of International Business and Economics.  His research focuses on intergenerational mobility in income and education in China.

Dr. Cao and has taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, Labor Economics, and Development Economics. He has also worked as a professional economist for several top consulting firms at the United States, providing economic analysis for large class-action litigations involving companies like Google and Microsoft.

Dr. MA Yingju, Lecturer in Economics (2016)

Ph.D. Economics, UCLA (expected 2018)
M.A. Economics, Peking University
B.A. Economics, Zhejiang University

Dr. Ma’s research focuses on Game Theory, information economics and finance. His research projects are related to the coordination of individuals during financial crisis.

Dr. Nick Burkhart, Lecturer in Geographic Information Science (2015)

Ph.D. Geography, UCLA
M.A. Geography, UCLA
B.S. Geography and GIS, Arizona State University

Dr. Burkhart is the Academic Coordinator for Geographic Information Science (GIS) in the UCLA Department of Geography. Within the field of GIS, He specializes in the study and development of Web-based mapping technology, spatial analysis, and geographic data visualization methods. He teaches related courses in GIS and cartography both for UCLA Extension and for the UCLA Department of Geography.

Dr. Meriç Keskinal, Lecturer in Economics (2013)

Ph.D. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
M.A. Economics, Northeastern University
B.A. Economics, University of Istanbul

Dr. Keskinal’s primary focuses on international finance. He has taught for UCLA Extension, Claremont McKenna College, Loyola Marymount University, California State University, Fullerton, Santa Monica College and West LA College.

Dr. Andres Oñate, Lecturer in Political Science (2011-2012)

Ph.D. International Relations & Chinese Studies, University of Arizona
M.S. U.S. National War College
M.A. International Relations & Chinese Studies, University of Arizona
B.A. Political Science & Chinese Studies, University of Arizona

Dr. Oñate was a Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Arizona, where he taught for sixteen years (1966-81). Dr Oñate’s research focused on U.S.-China relations. He then joined the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer, serving seven years at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

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