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Professor Who Knows Both Legal Systems Takes Up Terasaki Chair in US-Japanese Relations

Daniel Foote, Chair in Sociology of Law at the University of Tokyo, is the sixth scholar to hold this one-year appointment at UCLA.

UC Irvine Alumna Named Terasaki Postdoctoral Fellow

Mayumi Manabe will teach a course in literature, deliver a lecture for the Terasaki Center's colloquium series, and work on turning her dissertation about working-class women in interwar literature into a book.

Terasaki Research Travel Grant

Call for Proposals for scholars who wish to use the Gordon W. Prange Collection at UCLA

Center of the Cosmos

Herman Ooms, a professor of premodern Japanese history at UCLA, explains how the Tenmu dynasty manipulated religious symbols to reinforce concepts of supreme authority.

Japan Honors Notehelfer With Order of the Rising Sun

At a May 12 ceremony, the government of Japan recognizes former UCLA Center for Japanese Studies Director Fred Notehelfer for his contributions to history and Japanese studies in the United States. He is one of 70 non-nationals to receive the Order this year.

Professor in Japanese Studies Receives Award

Long-time former UCLA Center for Japanese Studies Director Fred Notehelfer receives the Order of the Rising Sun, one of the Japanese government's most prestigious decorations. The Daily Bruin looks at his legacy at UCLA.

Japanese, South Korean Consuls Discuss Regional Security, Global Economics

The top representatives from Japan and the Republic of Korea in Southern California visited campus on Monday for a discussion sponsored by the Graduate Student International Affairs Association at UCLA and cosponsored by the Asia Institute and the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies.

Wartime Engineers as Social Visionaries

Aaron Moore, a Terasaki Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA and faculty member at Arizona State University, explains the vision of a modern empire behind Japanese engineering projects during the Sino-Japanese War.

Drama: The Forgotten Genre

Cody Poulton of the University of Victoria traces the rise and fall of drama as a literary genre in early 20th-century Japan.

Buson's Comedic Artistry

Cheryl Crowley of Emory University uncovers the messages hidden in Yosa Buson's comedic haiku paintings.

60th Japan-America Student Conference

By Joshua Evan Schlachet

Kyoto's Urban Heritage

Christoph Brumann, professor of anthropology at the University of Cologne, seeks Kyoto's heritage beyond museum walls.

Developments in the Study of Buddhist Art

Art History experts gather at UCLA to offer new interpretations of Buddhist art.

Japan's Jazz Coffeeshops

Michael Molasky of the University of Minnesota discusses the surprising communities fostered by jazz coffeeshops in 20th-century Japan.

5th Terasaki Chair Left Science to Tell its Story

Shigeru Nakayama, a historian of science, joins UCLA as the fifth Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations.

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