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Japan's Post-Bubble Artists Not so 'Cute'

Adrian Favell, UCLA professor of sociology, speaks in Yokohama, Japan at the opening of The ECHO: JAPAN NEXT, a contemporary art exhibit held at ZAIM as part of the third Yokohama Triennale.

1st Terasaki Postdoc Studies Wartime Japan's Visions

On leave from Arizona State University, Aaron Moore will conduct research and teach about the relationships between technology, modernity, and empire.

New Terasaki Chair and Postdoctoral Fellow

The Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies announces two new appointments for the '08-'09 academic year.

Manga's Working-Class Heroes

Historian Yoshikuni Igarashi explains how two celebrated Japanese comic book characters embodied the hopes and fears of Japan's postwar middle class.

European Classical Meets Japanese Nagauta

Terasaki Chair Thomas Rimer discusses the beginnings of Western classical music in Japan and the life of Japan's first well-known composer.

Which Special Interests Get Heard?

Japanese politics expert Megumi Naoi explains the relationship between Japanese politicians and interest groups.

Art of the Kimono

Kimono stylist Nobuaki Tomita explains the kimono-making process, while showcasing his work and discussing the traditional Japanese costume's history.

Authentic 'Kujiki'

Northern Illinois University's John R. Bentley pokes holes in the view that 'Sendai Kuji Hongi' ('Kujiki') is a derivative historical text.

Invoking the 'Righteous Spirit'

Brandeis University's Matthew Fraleigh explains how the 'shishi' passed on Chinese poetic traditions by reinventing the poem "The Song of the Righteous Spirit."

Zen for Sale

Art historian Kendall Brown explains how the Ryoanji stone garden in Kyoto, Japan, became a commercialized symbol of Zen Buddhism.

Former Students, Colleagues Honor Historian Silverberg at Symposium

Miriam R. Silverberg joined the UCLA faculty in 1990 and retired in 2005. Her scholarship on modern Japanese history is influencing the work of historians today.

Lyman's Life and Law

U of Arizona's Timothy Vance examines the life of the American mining engineer and accidental linguist Benjamin Smith Lyman.

National Identity in Postmodern Japanese Dance

U of Tokyo's Tadashi Uchino discusses the birth of Butoh dance and the performance of "children's" bodies in postmodern Japanese dance.

'Japan' Arrived Later than Some Think

Durham University's Gina Barnes challenges prevailing views on mounded-tomb culture and the development of the Japanese state in the earliest historical period.

Rethinking Kyoto Art

Art historian Shigemi Inaga discusses the transformation of Japanese art in the first half of the 20th century.

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