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Architecture in Context

World-renowned architect Hitoshi Abe, the new chair of the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, discusses his fascination with Los Angeles' environs and Japanese-influenced structures.

New Terasaki Center Director Studies Japan's Changing Political Landscape

Political scientist Michael Thies sets current Japanese politics in context and discusses his plans as director of the Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies at UCLA

The Difficult Questions

62 years after bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, documentarian Stephen Okazaki tells the stories of survivors in modern cities that are struggling to remember their horrific pasts.

Rapping About War

MIT anthropologist Ian Condry discusses the history of Japanese hip hop and Japanese rappers' commentary on the Iraq war and 9/11.

Predicting DPJ's Defeat

Cornell's Robert Weiner explains why the opposition Democratic Party of Japan will keep losing to the Liberal Democratic Party in Japanese politics.

Schoolgirl as Femme Fatale

Stanford's Indra Levy discusses the development of the schoolgirl figure as a femme fatale in modern Japanese literature.

Historian Notehelfer Honored for Leadership in Japanese Studies

Fred G. Notehelfer directed the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies for 16 years and co-directed an East Asian Studies consortium in Southern California for 20 years. He will continue teaching at UCLA for another year before retiring.

Portrait of a Painter as a Patriot

Columbia Japanologist Donald Keene examines the life of painter Watanabe Kazan.

Kirino Discusses Novel, Women's Rights

Wrapping up a U.S. book tour, Japanese writer Natsuo Kirino reads from her novel 'Grotesque' and considers women's plight in Japanese society.

Pickled Kabuki

U of Hawaii's James Brandon remembers kabuki plays from Japan's Fifteen-Year War.

'To Study It, I Had to Perform'

UNC-Chapel Hill anthropologist Christopher T. Nelson reflects on his research into and participation in the traditional Okinawan dance eisaa.

Ikebana Flowering

An ikebana exhibit at UCLA plants seeds for the next generation of students interested in the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement.

The Ghosts of Kabuki

Samuel Leiter of Brooklyn College attempts to spook the audience at a UCLA event on kabuki theater.

A Spy Called Sorge

Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations Thomas Rimer speaks about the re-telling of the Sorge affair in Japanese film and theater.

Into Modernity

Historians Harry Harootunian, Carol Gluck and Fred Notehelfer offer views on modernity and its development in Japan.

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