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Japan Center Podcasts

  • The Politics of Arts in Edo Culture
    Japanese historian Katsuya Hirano explains how urban popular culture undermined Japan's Tokugawa regime. Listen to the podcast of Hirano's lecture.
  • Japan's Activist Courts
    NYU legal scholar Frank Upham, this semester a visiting professor at UCLA, explains why judicial activism is more prevalent in Japan than in the United States. Listen to a podcast of his lecture.
  • Bombing as the American Way of War
    Mark Selden explains how U.S. bombing raids of Japanese cities in World War II would determine military tactics decades after 'the Good War.' Listen to a podcast of Selden's lecture.
  • Biwa and the Tale of Heike
    Yoko Hiraoka recites portions of the Tale of Heike, accompanying herself on the biwa, and discusses the history of the poem and the instrument alike. Listen to a podcast of her performance and talk.