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Japan Breaking Boundaries

Second Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies, April 22, 1995.

Today's generation of graduate students is breaking boundaries within the field of Japanese studies and across disciplines. It is in this spirit that we would like to contest the limitations, explore the margins and resist the confines of traditional concepts of Japanese culture, history and politics. What is to be gained by rethinking boundaries? How can we analyze, reinterpret, or displace current notions of cultural, national and intellectual boundaries?

  • Rethinking Tokugawa Seculsionism: The Ezo Trade
    Brett L. Walker
    Univeristy of Oregon
  • The Female Factory Worker in Early Twentieth Century Japan: The Discourse of the Joko
    Elyssa Faison
    UC Los Angeles
  • Women's Education in Imperial Japan, 1926-1945: Ideological Constraint & Conflict
    Geoffrey Pickens
    University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Feminist Intervention in Heian Literary Studies
    Tomiko Yoda
    Stanford University
  • Half way between gesture and thought: Antonin Artaud and Butoh, The Japanese Dance of Darkness
    Devin Crowe
    University of Oregon
  • Glimpses Through a Narrow Passage: Torii Kiyonaga and the Hashira-e
    Julie Nelson Davis
    University of Washington
  • Dowa Education: Bunrakumin Liberation and Recreating Social Identiy
    Sayuri Oyama
  • Student Problems and School Respone in Japan: The Case of School Refusal Syndrome
    Diane Musselwhite
    University of Washington
  • Local Paradise and the Theater of State: Imperial Pilgrimage in Early Medieval Japan
    Max Moerman
    Stanford University