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The Honorable Louise Arbour on

The Honorable Louise Arbour on "The Responsibility to Protect"

In this video op-ed, the Honorable Louise Arbour, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, shares her thoughts on the 2001 landmark report "The Responsibility to Protect", published by the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, led by Gareth Evans and Mohamed Sahnoun.

Watch this video and understand more about the topic of this year's 2009 Burkle Center Conference, The Future of the Responsibility to Protect. This conference will assess the prospects and pitfalls of R2P, and of humanitarian intervention more generally, in a post-Iraq world. R2P represents an important milestone in our understanding of sovereignty, intervention, and human rights. The goal of this conference is to consider the origins and likely trajectory of R2P, to take stock of lessons learned from past crises, and to explore the role of R2P with regard to current challenges in Darfur, Myanmar and Zimbabwe. Though our focus is not exclusively on the role of the United States, we are particularly interested--in light of both the legacy of the Iraq War and the interests and values of many members of the Obama administration--in what role R2P will play in American foreign policy over the next several years.

The conference will feature keynote speaker Gareth Evans, former Foreign Minister of Australia, Co-Chair of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, and President/CEO of International Crisis Group. Among our 21 participants are Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.), LA Times Columnist Doyle McManus, Senior Advisor on R2P at the UN Edward Luck, and numerous experts from around the country.

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