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India's African Relations: Playing Catch up With the Dragon

By Sanusha Naidu


Like China, Indias post-cold war foreign policy has been aligned to the principles of Non-alignment and South-South co-operation. Linked to the unilateral character of the post-cold war international order, India has pushed for a multilateral world order. And just as in the past, relations with Africa and the South are now based on shared mutual interests to fight against the inequities of the global order. This time directed against underdevelopment and poverty as a result of an unbalanced global economic system.



Bio: Sanusha Naidu is a Research Fellow at the CCS. Prior to joining the Centre she was a research specialist in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC and from 2001-2004 she was attached to the Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SAPRN) in charge of the trade and poverty programme. After completing a BA Law degree and an Honours degree in Political Science from the University of Durban-Westville, she obtained an MA in International Relations from Staffordshire University, England. Previously Ms Naidu was the Senior Africa researcher at the South African Institute of International Affairs based in Johannesburg.

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